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DEFINE Body – Coming Soon

28 Jul DEFINE Body – Coming Soon


Atlanta fitness fiends will soon have a great alternative workout and studio in Buckhead as DEFINE body opens in late August. The studio includes pilates/barre, cycling and yoga all in one studio, plus DEFINE foods for a healthy diet and more services.

Here’s a little more about DEFINE – coming soon!

Atlanta native Jessica Smithgall will open the state’s first DEFINE studio in Buckhead located on Peachtree Road in the Brookwood Hills neighborhood. The space will offer multiple fitness rooms for the classes in addition to several amenities including DEFINE foods, childcare and more.

“I am so excited to establish a home for our vibrant Atlanta health and fitness community where they can receive all of their health and fitness needs under one roof. At DEFINE, we promote a balanced lifestyle where becoming your absolute best is our goal. We are offering clients something so incredibly special and unique with our holistic approach to fitness,” said Smithgall. “What I look forward to the most is becoming actively involved in the Atlanta community and helping each client wherever they are on their journey to a sustainable, happier and healthier life.”

The Concept

While DEFINE prides itself on its balanced program of results-producing fitness classes, the studio also aims to be a destination for a balanced healthy lifestyle. DEFINE will offer a variety of monthly workshops on the weekends and sell its own DEFINE foods including granolas and juices to supplement a healthy diet. Additional services to help keep clients at ease includes in-studio child care at a nominal fee. DEFINE’s goal will be to create a home and destination for fitness lovers of all levels and ages to achieve sustainable health and wellness.

“We are a lifestyle fitness studio and community with a holistic approach to fitness offering Atlantans a balance of results-producing and transformative health and wellness services that they can sustain for the rest of their lives,” said Smithgall. “We offer everything under one roof with our core signature body, mind and rev classes our goal is to create a home for fitness lovers of all levels and ages in Atlanta by offering them transformative results producing programs and balanced fitness routine that they can sustain for the rest of their lives.”

DEFINE also aims to ingratiate itself into the Atlanta community as more than just a fitness concept, but as a community supporter as well. As the studio opens, it will also partner with area nonprofits and organizations in the community to host fundraising classes and more partnership opportunities to support the area’s causes.

The Classes

DEFINE helps clients achieve strength, length and balance through three core class concepts.

  • DEFINE body is a perfectly balanced 60-minute class of strength, flexibility and fun. This results-oriented class combines Pilates, yoga, ballet and core strengthening to target all the major muscle groups in the body.
  • DEFINE mind is a soothing 60 minute class focused on gaining flexibility, refreshing the body, and calming the mind. Set to relaxing music, this class helps melt away stress and relieve the tightness in the hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and more. This class is a perfect compliment to DEFINE body or any other sport or activity such as running, golf, tennis, or cycling. You will leave feeling revitalized both physically and mentally.
  • DEFINE revolution incorporates the ultra-effectiveness of the DEFINE body class into the bike, combining principles of isometrics with cardio-blasting, high-intensity fun. For 45 minutes, DEFINE revolution features choreographed movements to high-energy music on a stationary bike for a full body workout.

In addition to DEFINE’s core class offerings, the new studio will offer:

  • DEFINE body & mind, a gentler version of the DEFINE body class that incorporates DEFINE mind elements. This 60-minute class focuses on improving strength, flexibility and balance.
  • DEFINE mind with hammocks utilizes a hammock to help deepen stretches and invert the body to decompress the spine.
  • DEFINE xpress, a brisk-paced class that offers a condensed version of the DEFINE body class in just 30 minutes during the lunch hour.
  • DEFINE kids, a movement program for children offered simultaneously to adult classes.
  • DEFINE foods, a program dedicated to educating on the importance of whole foods health. DEFINE foods offers engaging instruction, nutritional insight, cooking demonstration and whole foods products with a focus on delicious, sustainable, local and seasonal nourishment.
  • Athletic and workout apparel from popular fitness clothing brands including, Hard Tail, Splits59, Beyond Yoga, DYI and private label DEFINE branded merchandise.
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